#LoryPaints100 #The100DaysProject


imageam excited to announce I am participating in #The100DayProject, a global creative community initiative founded by Elle Luna (but maybe coopted from Emma Rogan, whose TED Talk I watched and whose #100DaysProject I thought I was doing! 🤔) The underlying purpose of the project is to kickstart your creative life and build a practice around whatever it is you are doing (or wishing you were doing) with  your life. Each participant engages in a different way. My intention is to paint at least one small piece each day. I have extended my use of the 100 days to every corner of my life. I want to wake up earlier, with more purpose, sleep better, paint more, wear makeup, go to my studio more often / be more engaged when I am there, judge my work less, call bullshit more often, paint with lighter colors and with limited palettes, allow a painting to be finished when it is finished – let it go, no overworking/”fixing”, and … blogging/social media-ing. I have committed to uploading a Snapchat story on most days that I am in the Studio already, so I plan on continuing that.

image I would love for you to follow my #LoryPaints100 journey as it unfolds. Are you participating in #The100DayProject? What are your goals and plans? If you aren’t, what are you doing to commit to what makes you your best self?

Amare et lux,