There Are No Heroes, Only Humans


If one can't admit that his hands can strangle as well as build, it is very hard to take responsible for all that one does. "Good men/women" who rape people are rapists. "Teddy bears" who beat their wives are wife beaters. "Keepers" who kidnap their kids are kidnappers. The most dangerous and hard to escape, destructive/abusive/generally awful partner is the one whom people have labeled "good" or "God-fearing," thus incapable of evil acts.  


People are only people, and to deal with this life, we must admit that each of us is capable of unbeliveable things. Unspeakable, shocking, magnificent, amazing. Likewise, anyone of us each can fall victim to crimes we can't even imagine are possible. Admitting that is unpleasant -- even terrifying -- but there is too much danger in pretending otherwise. Good luck out there.

HumansLory Ivey Alexander