First Post at LoryIvey!

Wellllllcome to the soon-to-be all new, shiny, glittery, gilded, awesome-as-awesome-gets blog:! I have decided to move my treasure trove of random wisdomyness from my old site over here, mainly because LoryIvey is how I am known all over the Internet. (Are you not already stalking me somewhere else? I'm here: twitter tumblr youtube facebook etsy foursquare instagram. But no real-life stalking, k? Like seriously. Been there, done that, called the cops. Don't need the t-shirt.)

Sorry if things are a little rusty around here at the moment. I'm still greasing the wheels. :-)

Try to make one person's life a little bit better today. Even better if that person is you. Content is contagious.

Love to you,

(If you're wondering, and I doubt you were, will continue to exist, but will revert to its original, more formal form.)