Evolution-Home Is Where the Heart Is

This is no secret: I really love home  furnishings. I love decor of all kinds, mainly because I love the coordination of tiny details. (Not-so-secret-secret is that my business should really be called, "LoLA Loves Aesthetic Details.") But, for real. Really. Reallyreallyreally like decor.

In new home furnishings, I look for things that transport me to the beach -- black and white, turquoise and teal. YUM. But aside from contemporary pieces, I looooove antiquing, from going to antique shops to "renovating" old furniture myself. (I got into staining and reupholstering a really long time ago (over 20 years ago) because my grandmother owned a home decorating company and my great grandfather's hobby was hand-making furniture. I guess it is in my blood.

Actually, my favorite piece of furniture (that I own) is not anything I stained or built, but it has been "in the blood" so to speak for a long time. I just love my antique mahogany desk. (I can't show you because my brother is currently using it.) The best thing about the desk-that-you-can't-see-at-the-moment is nothing aestetic. It is a legacy piece. My great grandmother gave it to my grandmother in the 1950s, my grandmother gave it to my mother in the 1980s, and, finally, my mother gave to me. Such a treasure! My great grandmother died when I was in middle school, so to have anything of hers is special. (Although not as special as the fact that she made me whole pans of baked macaroni and cheese every time I visited her River Terrace home. "Don't eat out of that one. That's for Lory to take home." YESSSS.)

jade green vases at evolution home in alexandriaGallivanting around home ware consignment shops is a day well spent browsing for ideas, especially for potential events. One of my favorite places to go is Evolution-Home in Alexandria, VA. I took a few pictures of things that interested me on this last trip (I am ashamed to say it was months ago now). Looking back on my pictures, I realllllly wish I had money/space/an excuse to buy these jade green vases! (They probably have found a new home by now.)

The other favorites/interesting pieces I found are these (and don't overlook the little blue and cream rose urn):

I hope you enjoyed strolling through my trip to Evolution-Home. While I won't allow myself to buy any of these things at this time, I will accept any and all as presents!

DSC01004_WEBUntil next time.

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