Less risky than rioting but similarly economically crippling is simply to not spend.#‎notonedime‬ The point of a boycott is to demonstrate our collective impact.

I haven't addressed why I don't support ‪#‎buyblack‬ on Black Friday. (I do support it long term and take voting with my dollars very seriously -- more on that in a later post.) But I do not support buy black on black Friday. At all. Keep your black ass at home, in a black-owned salon, in a black-owned restaurant, or in your black therapist's, doctor's, or lawyer's office, if you can find one open. If you just cannot ‪#‎boycottBlackFriday, give your money directly to black personal services providers. Retail goods discounted on black Friday are often sold at as loss. The raw materials have already been paid for at regular wholesale cost, so the only person you're screwing over is the shopkeeper. If you want something from a black-owned shop before 12:01 am Saturday, shop today. Lots of stuff is already on sale to appeal to your "frugal" (cheap) nature. You're welcome.

And I know you are already going to #buyblack on #‎SmallBusinessSaturday right? So you can't afford to shop on Friday, too. Stay your black ass at home. #boycottblackfriday