An Open Letter to My Beloved Alma Mater, Howard University

I am writing to inquire if there is any truth to the rumor that our beloved alma mater seeks to punish the courageous dissenter who raised the Flag of Solidarity. I am a HU Bison alumna who loves my alma mater. I was so proud to see the solidarity flag raised, a symbolic beacon of light in dark times. Wrongly, I thought it was a much-needed sign of Howard moving in the right direction, rather than staggering, bleary-eyed in place, as it so often does. Over the recent years, I have watched as the school does so little with so much, squandering funding and refusing to change as do the times. I only hope that the external message sent by Dr. Frederick claiming that the administration was not behind the flagaised was just that - a message sent out of necessity to the public because of funding and other political concerns. I pray that that message was not meant to intimidate, admonish, shame, or threaten students who are working against something much larger than the University on whose campus they briefly reside.

Our future alumni must live in the world, a place that is currently hostile to them. Surely this is familiar to you, our leadership, as it is the same world in which this University was founded some 159 years ago. But perhaps you have not been tuning into the news. I understand that running a University into the ground takes time, so I will paraphrase the recent events. These kids saw one of their own gunned down by police just a matter of weeks ago, just two years after learning of the hot-blooded murder of a Florida boy (who today should be a college freshman).  These boys are not only peers. They are themselves. I am not my brother's keeper; I am my brother.

These kids are doing what they think is best to down a dimly lit path. I commend them. I suggest the school either do the same or get ready for student revolution.

Best of luck in the weeks ahead.