Abstract Sisterhood is a collective and community of women artists working in abstraction. Founded by Lory Ivey Alexander, Abstract Sisterhood is a place for collectors, enthusiasts, and other artists to find refreshing, vibrant non-representational work by women artists.

The Collective

The Collective includes Kibian Adams-Greene, Aliana Bailey, Kristen Hayes, Kamilah House, and Natacha Thys. We meet every fourth Sunday in the Baltimore-Washington area. If you are interested in joining in the collective, please contact me here.

Virtual Gallery

The Sisterhood currently host the following virtual gallery on Instagram featuring abstract and conceptual art by women artists. We pay special attention to art made by women of the African Diaspora.

The artists featured in the gallery include Mary Lovelace O'Neal, the late Betty Blayton-Taylor,  Loretta Pettway Bennett, the late Mildred Thompson, the late Gilda Snowden, the late Mae Engron, Julie MehretuSharon Louise BarnesMaya FreelonAdrienne GaitherPhylicia GheeHowardena PindellCarmen NeelyDestiny Palmer, and Lanecia Rouse Tinsley, among talented and gracious others. 


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