Opening Reception of Frame the Lawyers 2019
6:00 PM18:00

Opening Reception of Frame the Lawyers 2019

  • American University Washington College of Law (map)
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“Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts and the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property, American University, Washington College of Law, join forces to present Frame the Lawyers 2019a juried exhibition of artwork created by 18 Washington area attorneys and law students.

The walls of the Terrace Level of the Yuma Building will be filled with art of a variety of media. Frame the Lawyers 2019 is a unique exhibition not to be missed!” (More details are available on the WALA website.)

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Opening Reception of Collectively Chromatic - East Coast Art Collective
6:00 PM18:00

Opening Reception of Collectively Chromatic - East Coast Art Collective

  • Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen (map)
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Join us for the opening of the Winter 2019 show of the East Coast Art Collective, Collectively Chromatic, opening January 17, 2019 at the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen.

Collectively Chromatic is a group show including work by 14 members of the East Coast Art Collective (ECAC), a group of artists primarily based in DC but also located throughout the east coast. The ECAC, curated by Ann Marie Coolick, includes artists whose main foci are color and the unique applications of texture. Many of the ECAC artists have had studios in close proximity to one another, no doubt influencing one another's practices.

Participating Artists:

Ann Marie Coolick
Monica Stroik
Kristin Try
Ingrid Ching
Nicole Fossi
Lory Ivey Alexander
Jordann Wine
Marc Pekala
Jaqui Falkenheim
Alexandra Chiou
Erika Stearly
Emma Bell
Kate Waddell
Christine Olmstead

Lory Ivey Alexander.Two Spirits Sharing Bread.35x35.Acrylic on Canvas300px.jpg
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Holiday Open Studio 2018
11:00 AM11:00

Holiday Open Studio 2018

Join me for my annual Holiday Open Studio! This year has been so busy that this will be my first and only open studio event of 2018. Come see what I have been working on, find gifts and art for your home, and say hello! I can't wait to see you.

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Opening Reception - The Alchemy of the Sex Witch and Other Tales of Love
7:00 PM19:00

Opening Reception - The Alchemy of the Sex Witch and Other Tales of Love

I am so honored to have been included in the latest exhibition at Olly Olly in Fairfax, Virginia! The Alchemy of the Sex Witch and Other Tales of Love celebrates the primal orgasmic energy of creation . The show runs until March 3, 2018.

Curated by Jessica Kallista, the show includes the following artistst:

Lory Ivey Alexander
Mel Bikowski
Elizabeth Piper Board
Tacy Bradbury
Therese Brown
Naomi Christianson
Mandy Cooper
Heloisa Escudero
Fierce Sonia
Lindsay Hall
Emily Hoxworth
Nancy Ingram
Zoe Kallista
Khiron Moon
Leslie Mounaime
Lyric Prince
Diane Rainey
Mojdeh Rezaeipour
Baby Rosemary
Hannah Son
Rives Wiley

Olly Olly, located at 10417 Main Street, 2nd Floor in Fairfax, VA, is open for special events and by appointment. The Alchemy of the Sex Witch and Other Tales of Love will be on view at Olly Olly from January 31, 2018 through March 3, 2018. Please call 703-789-6144 for more information.

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12:30 PM12:30

work/SHOP: When It Rains, POUR 2 - the guided one!

Join me for a workshop in which we take all of the stuff we learned in When It Rains, POUR, and make a painting! This time, rather than deep diving with the materials, we will take all of those products and paint. This one is not for the faint of heart. We are going IN. Two hours of painting with my instruction, break for a late lunch, and 2 more hours of free painting.

I will supply you with all you need to complete an abstract painting using the techniques I outlined in the first class. However, you do not need to have attended the earlier class to attend this one. Everything will be explained for you.

Whom this is for: While there is no prerequisite for this course, it is geared toward serious beginners and artists who usually don't use fluid paints as I do.

Whom this is not for: if you haven't held a brush before or aren't sure you will want to again, probably skip this one. Try Intuitive Paint Playshop instead.

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Fall Yoga, Art, and Wine Tasting at Bluebird Sky Yoga
6:30 PM18:30

Fall Yoga, Art, and Wine Tasting at Bluebird Sky Yoga

Join me on October 1, 2017 for a wine tasting, artists' talk, and yoga talk at Bluebird Sky Yoga at 6:30 pm. For the first time, my work is out and about in my very own neighborhood! Eight of my pieces are currently on view (and on sale) at Bluebird Sky.

For more information and to buy a ticket, please visit their website. Go to "Workshops/Special Events" and select 10/1/2017 to buy a ticket. Tickets are just $12. It will be fun! Can't wait to see you in my 'hood! 

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to Sep 24

September Open Studio & Pop UP/WIN(E)D down

Join me for a September Open Studio! Let's hang out before the weather gets cold. Come and spend quality time with me and the paintings. Get Christmas shopping completed before Halloween. Get Halloween costume ideas before Columbus Day, which isn't really a day, so I guess that doesn't count. Special guests will be invited, so subscribe to my email list to get the latest:

Name *

The Schedule (hours may be extended)

Friday 4:30 pm - 9:30 pm - HAPPIEST HOURS

Saturday 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Sunday noon - 3 pm 

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"Singles" Party! An impromptu studio clearance
12:00 PM12:00

"Singles" Party! An impromptu studio clearance

  • 6925 Willow Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20012 United States (map)
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All of my singles (pieces that are left over from an old series or are the remaining piece in a pair) will be discounted/negotiable. Why? My studio has to be cleared for the crop of 40 x 40s that are coming next, so I need to find homes for these pieces. That means you need to come through!

Had your eye on something? Come and get it. Many smaller works are available, and several larger pieces, too. Or don't buy anything, just come chill out and say hello. This will be a very low key open studio. Just me, a bottle of wine (and a bottle of scotch and a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of rum) and the paintings. And you, of course! 

If you would like to stop by on Saturday, I will be receiving people by appointment only. 

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WORKSHOP: When It Rains, POUR!
4:00 PM16:00

WORKSHOP: When It Rains, POUR!

Join me for a hands-on, paint pouring seminar-ish worshoppy thing. My studio is yours for the day.

I am often asked about my resinous acrylic paintings, and this is your chance to make your own sampler piece. In order to demonstrate my layering technique in a short-format class, we will each start with a painting that has a layer already applied. 

The only prerequisites for this session are a desire to play with paint, a healthy respect for your materials, plus enough of a rule-breaking spirit to try new things. If you don't know the first thing about color theory, we got you. If you are a seasoned acrylic painter who just wants to try fluid painting additives and mediums, you are welcome, too! 



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Letters for Jordan, et alia
3:00 PM15:00

Letters for Jordan, et alia


Do you want to burn things, but you hate the smell of fire? Are you ready to scream from the rooftops, but you are cautious of heights? Wanna punch someone in the face, but you are a hand model who just can't risk a bruise? 

Join me for a letter writing session this Sunday. So many things have happened this week that it seems pointless to call this Letters for Jordan, but that's tidier than "Letters for Jordan and all other children murdered by the state, oh and the mother murdered at a pool party, oh yeah plus our dying democracy, and a lot of other things."   

We will come together to write letters that say whatever needs saying, to whomever needs to hear from you. Whether you need to send an angry letter to a politician, a heartbroken letter to a friend, an explanation to a child, a pledge of support to yourself, we will do it together.  Let's take this rage, frustration, heartbreak, sorrow, and write it all down. When we finish, let us find hope, support, openings, foundations, love. I will provide water, paper, pens, and paint. Donations welcome.

* * * * *

Two careers ago, I consulted senior executives in periods of transition. One of the first things I would offer them was an opportunity to write a letter or script to explain what was happening in their lives. Letter writing is therapeutic and empowering, even if the letters don't get sent!

If you are have any suggestions, let me know!

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Open Studio
to Apr 30

Open Studio

This is my second year celebrating Takoma Art Hop Weekend with an Open Studio. Come visit! See what I am working on. Shop older work. Bring kids, friends, and neighbors!

Where: Studio 201, 6925 Willow Street NW

My hours: Saturday 12-5 and Sunday 12-3 

Our Studios are two blocks east of the Takoma Metro, at the intersection of Willow and Eastern on the D.C. side (and Carroll is the cross street on the Maryland side). Street parking is limited but available. Accessible by elevator.

1 block from the Takoma Park Farmer's Market (Sunday 10 am - 2 pm.)

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Lucky 7 - EXTENDED!
to Jun 15

Lucky 7 - EXTENDED!

Lucky 7, a group art exhibition celebrating 7 years of Covet with some of our area's best contemporary artists. March 25- April 15. 

Exciting News! The show has been extended until June. Be sure to visit soon, as the work may change (as items sell)! 

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